A TCF-MIC Investment helped launch Holberton, a New Haven software engineering school with no up-front tuition.

With every investment, The Community Foundation Mission Investments Company (TCF-MIC) makes a return on two bottom lines -- for the investor and for society. Using the combined power of institutional, philanthropic and individual investors, TCF-MIC is stimulating economic expansion and mobility in neighborhoods and among communities that have the most to gain. When all neighborhoods have economic opportunity, everyone benefits.


Who We Serve

TCF-MIC serves diverse entrepreneurs, community groups, and organizations that promote inclusive growth. The people and organizations funded by TCF-MIC investments typically do not fit conventional profiles for funding opportunities. Many lack access to a variety of resources including social connections and networks, financial backing, transportation, and may face other structural or financial barriers.

Community Investments

TCF-MIC works through strategic community partnerships and collaborations in order to broaden its reach to individuals, businesses and organizations that would otherwise not have access to resources and investment. The MRI offerings are designed to strengthen both individual organizations and the support networks needed for a healthy, inclusive and growing business ecosystem.

New Haven Equitable Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (NHE3)

An innovative collaborative is building an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem that provides the resources, funding, pathways and mentorship for all entrepreneurs to succeed.


Entrepreneur Investments

TCF-MIC invests in smaller, existing and new/early stage for-profit business ventures, with priority for women-owned and minority-owned entrepreneurial ventures as a way of advancing inclusive growth. MRI investments are made in a variety of forms, including equity, debt, loan guarantees and other market instruments.

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Small Business Loans

The Partnership Loan Program for Minority and Women-owned Businesses in Greater New Haven was created for small businesses that have experienced an adverse financial impact and economic injury due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The program was created through a partnership among TCF-MIC, the City of New Haven, the Amour Propre Fund and HEDCO.


Nonprofit Loans

The nonprofit loan pool provides loans to local nonprofits for the purchase, expansion or renovation of property and equipment, or for working capital during low cash flow periods.



Jennifer A. Glover-Keller, MBA

Director of Investments and Chief Compliance Officer


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Arthur W. Thomas III

Director of Entrepreneurial Initiatives and Inclusive Economic Opportunity


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