Starting a fund at The Foundation plants a seed that will grow and support the community for generations to come.

Starting a Fund

Whether you want to honor the life of a loved one, take advantage of a charitable fund today and/or leave a legacy for tomorrow, we make charitable giving easy.

  1. Tell us how you want to give from your fund. Is there a specific charity you'd like to benefit, or a specific cause? Do you want to make grant recommendations? Would you like to leave a legacy?
  2. Name your fund. It can be your name, your family's name or something meaningful to you. If you prefer, you can also remain anonymous.
  3. Decide the donation type of and amount to create your fund. Any amount, from $10,000 and up, and almost any type of asset can be used to start your fund.

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Start a Donor Advised Fund

A donor-advised fund (DAF) is a highly flexible charitable tool that takes you giving to the next level. A DAF accepts non-cash (and cash assets), and allows you to make tax-deductible, charitable contributions immediately and select a recipient nonprofit when you want. Gifts to your DAF are invested so that your original and subsequent contributions grow in value to have an even greater impact.

Learn more and start a DAF

Plan Your Legacy

A charitable bequest in your will can be the most powerful tool in leaving a lasting legacy for your community. You may establish any type of fund through your will or personal trust of cash, securities, real estate or other assets. Our experienced team will work with you to customize a plan that fits your personal situation.

Legacy Planning

More Fund Options

Funds at The Community Foundation are easy to create. You can create one or multiple funds, depending on your goals and the amount you plan to give. Contributions are tax deductible, accept most types of assets, and can also receive legacy and planned gifts.

Establishing a Designated Fund provides you a wonderful way to give back to one or more specific organizations that have touched your life. Your gift provides more than just funding - your favorite organization will benefit from The Community Foundation's investment stewardship and ability to manage endowment funds. Learn more

Permanent Organization Endowment Funds are established from a gift of a donor or donors or by an irrevocable transfer of assets from an organization to establish a permanent component fund of The Community Foundation for the benefit of an organization. Grants are then made to the named organization. Learn more

By establishing a Preference Fund, your gift addresses a broad range of local needs - including future needs that often cannot be anticipated at the time your gift is made. While you direct the preference fund through the language you use to establish it, the maintenance is left up to us. The Community Foundation’s professional staff continually monitors changing community needs so that you can be sure grants made in the name of your fund have the most impact in your preference area and create your personal legacy of giving. Learn more

In creating a Scholarship, you invest in your community's future and help students - from preschool to postgraduate - achieve their lifetime dreams. You can create a scholarship as a memorial to someone special, selecting eligibility criteria that exemplify that person's goals and values. Or, you may use it to express your educational values - or those of your family or business. Depending on your preferences, the scholarship you establish can support any area of academic need, including tuition, room and board, and books. Learn more

When you establish an Unrestricted Fund, your gift addresses a broad range of local needs - including future needs that often cannot be anticipated at the time your gift is made. Because you set no restrictions on the use of your gift, it enables our staff and Board of Directors to do what they do best - assess community needs and respond by awarding grants to the nonprofit organizations that undertake our community's most critical work. Learn more

Organization Funds are for nonprofits that wish to have a portion of their charitable assets managed according to a long-term investment model alongside and established for The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven Inc’s (The Corporation) own endowment. A charitable organization can participate in this commingled fund by entering into an investment management agreement, which identifies the nonprofit as the owner of the charitable assets. Learn more

Assets You Can Give

You can use many different types of assets to open or contribute to a fund: cash, stock, company shares, art, antiques and other personal property. We have experience with converting unique and complex assets into charitable funds.



Please tell us your thoughts and ideas. We have 90 years of experience in the philanthropic sector and have forged many partnerships with charitably-minded people, professional advisors and nonprofits along the way.

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Director of Development


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Director of Gift Planning


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Charles Hill Fund for Liberal Education

Est. 2021 by Norma Thompson and Justin Zaremby.

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Ruth Whittemore Fund

Est. 2006 by bequest of Dr. Ruth Whittemore.

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