Stewardship of our natural resources is essential if we wish to guarantee that present and future generations enjoy clean water, good air quality and open spaces. When you support organizations that protect the environment you address immediate need today while ensuring a greener tomorrow.

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Greater New Haven is home to beautiful parks, hiking trails, waterways, nature preserves, and beaches.

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Local Food for Local Needs ›


Local food is not just a movement. It's a market reality. And it is part of a broad effort to fight hunger, improve nutrition, and build community.

Linear Trails: Connecting People to Places and Each Other ›


In Greater New Haven and north through the state's central corridor, off-road linear trails are getting lots of people moving again, while also bringing value to the economy, the environment and the community.

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The Community Foundation and its donors have a long legacy of protecting natural resources and wildlife as well as supporting scientific research and programs that educate and engage the public.

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Island Preserved for Future Generations

Elizabeth Hird created the Outer Island Education and Research Fund in 2003 to ensure protection of the island's natural resources and to enable continued access to the island for educational and research activities.

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Table to Farm in New Haven

New Haven Farms is reducing waste in the city by collecting food scraps and turning them into rich compost for gardens and urban farms.

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A Trust in the Land

The New Haven Land Trust nurtures nature and the community spirit.

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