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Educational achievement gaps persist between high and low income neighborhoods in Greater New Haven.

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Black Lives Matter: The Schott 50 State Report on Public Education and Black Males ›


Black Lives Matter, this fifth edition of the Schott 50-State Report on Public Education and Black Males, provides a national overview of the state of Black and Latino male students, a state-level analysis highlighting high performing and low-performing states, and a local analysis of school districts with more than 10,000 enrolled Black male students.

Transforming an Urban School System ›


The RAND Corporation independent report, "Transforming an Urban School System," finds that both New Haven Promise and School Change reforms are making progress towards their goals and a college-going culture is being cultivated in New Haven public schools.

Tackling Inequality Through Literacy ›


Greater New Haven literacy organizations help adults learn the literacy skills they need to access living-wage jobs and improve their quality of life.

Better Education = Better Lives ›


Educate a child and you change a community. For the child, a good education means better career opportunities and higher lifetime earnings.

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The Community Foundation's investments in education span the continuum from pre-K through college and adult-education programs.

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ConnCAT Shows Results

The Connecticut Center for Arts and Technology (ConnCAT) is providing pathways to industry training and job placement.

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