Thank you for supporting our community.

You can contribute online to any of The Community Foundation’s charitable funds safely and securely. Your gift is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law, and you will receive an acknowledgment electronically for your tax records. The fund that receives a credit card gift will incur the transaction fee assessed by the credit card processing company; this fee does not reduce the deductibility of the contribution.

Learn more about other ways to give. Gifts received that do not specify a fund will be attributed to The Community Foundation's Community Now More Than Ever Fund.

Est. 2019 by Donald M. Kendall, Jr., Board Chair
Est. 2019 by J. Michael McBride and Florence S. McBride.

Paula Pope Memorial Trust Fund

Est. 2019 by the employees of the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History and Susan L. Voigt.

The Scott Family Fund

Est. 2019 by Jamison and Sarah Scott.
Est. 2019 by Dr. Nina R. Horowitz and Dr. Richard A. Sussman.

The Donald and Lorraine Walters Memorial Fund

Est. 2019 by Ronald Walters.

The Koenigsberg Family Fund

Est. 2019 by Daniel Koenigsberg.

The Lupi and John Robinson Fund

Est. 2019 by Lupi and John Robinson.
Est. 2019 by Linda D. and Kenneth L. Cohen.

The Crews McKenzie Family Fund

Est. 2019 by Craig Crews and Katherine McKenzie.
Est. 2019 by Susan, Jeff and Peter Ehrenkranz.
Est. 2019 by Jean Kimbrough Webb.
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